Delaware…………..Alluring, Peaceful and Fun…………

For me…..The natural beauty of the coastal area of Delaware is all of those and more and is an environment I knew I wanted to experience. Spending most of my life in metropolitan Washington, DC and San Francisco I knew coming to Delaware would be the refuge I was seeking and the perfect setting for the next stage of my life.
For you… could be many things.  I work with buyers new to the area looking for a second home, investment property or relocation. Additionally, I work with many buyers and sellers who live and work in this beautiful state and who are fortunate to already call Delaware their home..
Whether new or native Delaware, has lots to offer.

From a real estate perspective I’m often asked about Delaware’s favorable advantages,  financial and otherwis

Taxes: Is that a monthly or annual fee?  The question most people ask when they look at property tax for Delaware. Yes, we boast of some of the lowest property taxes in the country.

Taxes: No sales tax? Yes!

Population: How large is the State? Our state is smaller in population than many metropolitan counties. Presently, we are still under a million people residing in the state and a little over 206,000 in Sussex county.

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